Since 1985 we have been living in Chameyer and been working to restore and maintain this ancient domain.

We are using ecologic materials as much as possible to respect the provençal style.
Trees, bushes and herbs create a relaxing and harmonious space for men, faune and flore.

Next to each gite there are herbs which can be used to improve your dishes during your holidays.


Nous pouvons vous conseiller des produits locaux et biologiques.

Par ex. : tous les mardis de 9 à 10 heures la camionnette de Buëch Cooperactif avec pain, fromage, jus de fruits, légumes, ... et des produits bios.

Dimanche matin : au mini-marché de Rosans on trouve des légumes et fruits bio.

Et d'autres produits du terroir vendus chez des producteurs voisins : viande d'agneau,fromage de chèvre et de Brebis, miel, plantes sauvages, huiles essentielles et artisanats divers.

The "Rosanais" is still a quite unknown region,
faraway from urbain concentration centers.

Flora and fauna are particularly varied due to the influence of mediteranean and alpean climate.

In this nature, with his contrastfull relief,
are living vultures, eagles, ibex, beavers...
and are growing lavender, thyme,... as well as numerous sorts of orchids, flowering in springtime.

The Risou


Production of St Johnsoil (50 ml and 120 ml)
This red oil is used :
- for massage (calming)
- as skin oil : it feeds the skin and makes it smooth
- for sunburn : as aftersun it calms the burn and heals the skin


Circaeère Jean-le-Blanc

Vautour fauve

Boules de grès


Coté tour sarrazine

Descente vers le col de Pomerol

EĢglise st Arey

Rosans vue du Grand Pré

Lavandes sauvages

Vue du village derrière la maison